Fabelo back and forth

For several years now, Fabelo has been showing his work at Expo Chicago, represented by CernudaArte. Local collectors, and others who approach the "Windy City" to enjoy contemporary art in autumn, have welcomed his work with true admiration and respect. This September was no exception.

From America to Europe, this time to Salamanca, Fabelo's work continued its journey, taking part of the exhibition of the collection of one of Fabelo's most faithful collectors, Mr. Luciano Mendez. On October 3rd, the exhibition entitled "Viaje de ida y vuelta" was opened to the public at DA2 Domus Artium Museum of Modern Art in Salamanca, Spain. Works by more than forty artists (drawings, oil on canvas paintings, bronze sculptures, works on glass, and even installations and video art) were carefully selected by Juan Carlos Moya based on an eclectic collection, full of values ??and surprises. In an essay to define and to exhibit the collection of this salamanquino businessman, lover and connoisseur of art, the curator granted Fabelo a leading role with the presence of 24 artworks. An entire room is dedicated to Fabelo, as a solo show inside the show, that includes14 pieces, large-format canvases, drawings, watercolors, pieces on silk and a bronze sculpture. At the same time, another ten works are sharing space with pieces by other artists that complete the exhibition. "Viaje de ida y vuelta" will be closed on March 1, 2020, but with the aim of continuing as a traveling exhibition to other European museums.

The highest authorities from Salamanca were present at the inauguration of Viaje de ida y vuelta

The highest authorities from Salamanca were present at the inauguration of "Viaje de ida y vuelta".

From right to left: David Mingo-Deputy Delegate for Culture of Salamanca, María Victoria Bermejo-Councilor for Culture of Salamanca, Carlos Garcia Carbayo-Mayor of Salamanca, artist Roberto Fabelo, Luciano Méndez- Director of Banco Sabadell in Cuba and owner of the collection, Dr. Mario José Hernández-Representative of the artist, Jorge Fernández-Director of the National Museum of Fine Arts of Cuba, Javier Iglesias-President of the Diputación de Salamanca, Juan Carlos Moya- Curator of the exhibition.

Returning home on November 16, on the occasion of the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the City of Havana, Fabelo's personal exhibition entitled "Trip to San Isidro" was inaugurated at the Galería-Taller Gorría, which will be open to the public until month of April. The exhibition was opened with the words of Roberto Fabelo and the Princess of Asturias Award for Letters, Leonardo Padura. The space is occupied by large format pieces: two canvases, an installation and a sculpture.

During the solo exhibition of the artist "Trip to San Isidro". From right to left: Jorge Perrugoría, Roberto Fabelo, Leonardo Padura and Mario José Hernández.

As usual, the good news at the end of the year are almost always linked to successes also related to the art market and to the visibility of Fabelo's work in the most important international contemporary art events. Christie’s New York auctioned in November the piece entitled "Locos por Suyu", which reached a hammer price of $ 312,500.00, a new record for Fabelo's work. To inaugurate December, his artworks will also be leading in Art Basel Week 2019, represented by CernudaArte.

Locos por Suyu. Óleo sobre lienzo 80.3/4 x 110.1/4 in. (205 x 280 cm) 2016.

We will keep you updated on this trip back and forth...