In a matter of days, Roberto Fabelo participated not only in the city of Miami’s most important week for the visual arts but also in some of the best-attended events of the art market world in the first part of 2015.

From February 12 to 16, Art Wynwood took place, where Fabelo participated with two large-format silks, two drawings, and a canvas, Arte culinario II, through CernudaArte. At this art fair, held during the President’s Day weekend in the United States, works from almost 60 galleries in nine countries were exhibited. According to U.S. media reports, the fair received a record number of visitors and sales were excellent.


Soon after that, on the other side of the Atlantic, in Spain, Fableo presented a solo show at the Art Madrid fair, with pieces that ranged from drawing to sculpture. Five on card, two large-format canvasses, and two bronze sculptures, Hombre-saltamontes and Un poco de nosotros, provided an opportunity for the European public, new collectors, lovers of and experts on Fabelo’s work to get a very brief overview of the artist’s poetics from some of the different expressions he uses.


Recently, works by Fabelo were also on view in CernudaArte’s stand at the Dallas Art Fair (from April 9 to 12).

In a few days he will participate, with the same gallery, at Art Miami New York (from May 14 to 17).